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The art of finding the perfect swimsuit is all about enhancing your body’s assets while minimizing your body concerns. At Kayokoko our priority is for women to feel sexy and look great in their swimwear! This Swimwear Fitting Guide will give you some general guidelines that will help you find the best fitting suit for you shape. It will also offer suggestions to address specific body concerns and ultimately get you ready to look amazing in your swimwear!

A few basic rules:

• Darker colours and matte fabrics are great for areas you want to slim down
• Bright colours with dark piping or side insets can have a slimming effect

Best Swimwear For a Full Figured Shape:

A one-piece swimsuit or tankini would be the most flattering. If you have a large bust, show it off with a plunging neckline, it will draw attention to a feature you feel confident about and distract the eye from areas of concern. Curvy shapes can also use prints to their advantage, solid colour suits can highlight problem areas, so women with a lot of curves should choose a suit that has some detail like a bold pattern or piping along the sides or waist. Avoid horizontal lines as these add width; instead, go for diagonals or other prints. Darker colours are the most slimming, but there is no reason to shy away from bolder colours.

Best Swimwear for a Large Bust:

It is important to look for a swimsuit with support for the bust; you want a one-piece that is sophisticated and classy with built-in support. For a two-piece, choose a top with built in cups or underwire support and wider straps for added hold. Fabrics with high Lycra content are excellent for hold. A halter neckline would be most flattering; however, if you have broad shoulders opt for a v-neck or scoop neckline instead. Colour choice is also important; colourful fabrics are a great way for attracting attention and can add a youthful look. If you want to look more proportional and minimize your larger bust, draw some of the attention downwards with brighter colours and/or a printed pattern on the bottom and darker colours on top or opt for details like ruffles and shirring. Drawing attention downward will help balance out the figure.

Swimwear for a Bottom Heavy Shape:

Choose a suit that brings attention upwards to the bust in order to take away some of the focus on the rear. To achieve this, choose a brighter colour and/or dramatic print on top and keep the bottom in dark matte colours.  A fuller bottom that provides more coverage is also a great choice for heavy bottoms. Strapless swimsuits also work in balancing out the figure.

Swimwear for a Smaller Chest:

String bikinis (triangle tops) and halter tops work best for this body type. The triangle and the halter top draws the eye up and gives the illusion of width to the bust, while the plunging front subtly enhances your cleavage by making it the focal point. Push-up and small padding can also enhance the bust (avoid big obvious padding).  Horizontal stripes on the top is a great way to make your bust look fuller. Any detailing like beading or embroidery can also give the illusion of a larger bust. Wearing a darker colour on the bottom of your swimwear can also make your bust seem larger.

Swimwear to Minimize the Tummy Area:

You can elongate the figure and draw the attention away from your tummy by choosing swimwear with vertical lines and v-necks. Wear a brighter colour on top and a darker matte colour at the bottom. Also, look for a higher waistband bottom, and a high content of Lycra for added support. Avoid all horizontal prints and cuts on the swimsuit. Another great option is the Tankini, it gives you the ability to cover your tummy but still show off a little skin.

Swimwear for the Hour Glass Frame:

Nearly all styles work for the hour glass figure. The key is to highlight your sexy curves by accentuating both your top and bottom. The best way to achieve this is to choose a bikini over a tankini or one-piece. Choosing a bikini with matching print on both the top and bottom or all one colour works the best to keep the figure balanced. If you are more voluptuous avoid wearing tie side bottoms, instead opt for the traditional bikini bottom or a hipster style bottom.

Swimwear for a Boy Shape:

If you are extremely athletic or have more of a boyish figure than it is best to choose a suit that offers some femininity. Swimwear with bows, ruffles and ruching can add a flirty and girly feel to a suit. Triangle tops and halter necks can also enhance your bust.

Swimwear for a Pear Shape:

In order to balance your figure try to choose a suit that will slim your bottom half and add some volume to your top. To do this, choose a bottom with a high cut leg as this will make your legs look longer and leaner. Also opt for a regular cut bottom as opposed to a boy short. Pairing a brightly patterned or brightly coloured top with a darker solid bottom will help to balance out the figure.

Again, it is our priority for you to get the best fitting swimsuit in the hottest styles and colours. So please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding fit of a specific suit.

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