Care Guide

Taking care of your swimwear is really simple and easy! Two key things to remember are - too much chlorine and washers/dryers are your biggest enemies.

First, some general tips to follow. Prolonged sun exposure can accelerate the fading of your swimwear as brighter colours are more sensitive to the sun. Too much chlorine can diminish the overall durability of the delicate designer swimwear fabrics; it can break down the Lycra Spandex and ruin the overall shape. Also, always try to avoid rough surfaces, such as coarse textured pool decks, as these can ruin the smooth texture and delicate nature of your swimwear fabrics.

When it comes to washing your swimwear the most important thing is NEVER wash your designer swimwear in a washing machine. Even the gentlest cycles are too rough and can ruin the fabric, shape, and any embellishments. Always wash your designer swimwear gently by hand after every wear with cold or lukewarm water - not too hot. To remove salt and/or chlorine, use mild soaps that are specifically meant for delicate fabrics.

After washing you swimwear, squeeze gently to remove any excess water; do NOT wring or twist it to remove the water as these motions will ruin the shape and fabric of your designer swimwear.  Lay your swimwear flat in a shaded and ventilated area to dry; do NOT use the dryer. Laying your swimsuits flat to dry will help reduce any wrinkles or creasing.

By following these simple steps you are sure to have gorgeous swimwear for many years to come!

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